Monday, June 27, 2011

Downtown Discoveries

This past spring, I decided I wanted to discover more of our downtown. 
Ive heard raves and such on it, but I really wasn't drawn towards it..mostly because I hate finding parking! stated in my last post, I have a Summer to-do list, or if you will..Bucket list and this is on the list...


This store isn't really a discovery, but it is one of my favorite finds in the past and is worth mentioning...

I started going here about 5 years ago and Miss Joan still remembers me,
since my visits span about 6 months apart!
But such a great place to find props and goodies for the house! 
Oh and her price is pretty reasonable!  
It funny when I get a digging and find a treasure, 
that she's just happy I found it and usually give it to me at a pretty sweet price!
I collect vintage household items and jewelry. 
My mom was a photographer and she had all kinds of vintage gear that she would use to decorate her house.  So taking her cue, I started the same...
cameras and other photography gear.
So the last time I walked in her store,
Miss Joan remembered what I collected and had a stash for me!  
Talk about Customer Service!
If I had the money, I would have bought all of them, but with everything else I was purchasing, I had to limit myself to 5 items...that was painful!
So here's a glimpse of my finds
My sweet scale...scored for only $5!
I also found a couple of daisy hat pins and radio flyer mini wagon and twiggy glasses, 
But i didn't take pictures of them....

 The suitcase was another find, but from a different antique store...Ill highlight that one later!

Just love this store!  
If your ever in Boilermaker Country, 
Drop me a message and I would be happy to take you there! 

Next time on Downtown Discoveries...

Whats your hidden treasure in your town?
Write a post on it and let me know!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ahhh...Its Summer...
No more Homework, 
No More Books..
NO MORE Teachers dirty looks(aka MOM)... 
June 15th marked my last day of school with the chitlins and I couldn't be happier and relieved.  Dropping that last homework in the mail to their teachers was a momentous event.  As we neared the mailbox, my daughters wanted the pleasure of dropping it in the box themselves, complete with drum roll
(little drummer mom I am!).
As soon as the last letter dropped in the box, A loud shout of excitement came roaring from our mouths...
scaring the lady next to us half out of her wits as she was getting out of her car!
Sorry Lady, but we were busting out of our school monotony.  
I'm looking forward to a serene summer and the victory of checking things off my summer bucketlist...
To accomplish this...
I have a plan.
Yes...a glorious plan.
I sat down with my calendar of the summer and I scheduled in my bucket list categories

Cleaning, organizing, purging.
spend it with friends, at the pool, at the library, at the fountain.
Pull out the sewing maching, do crafts with girls or friends, bake something with the girls.
Library and Java Roaster with the girls. You cant go wrong with BOGO lunch!  We pick up books from their reading list for next year and after lunch, they read while I work on the computer or visit with a friend I've invited to join us.
Fun Day Freebie!

Oh Summer!
Why cant you be longer than 3 months!
Could you be friends with Fall and just keep it warm enough to keep the snow away until December
(the longer the better,  but I want snow for Christmas if I have to be in IN to celebrate it!)

What are YOU doing this SUMMER??
DO Tell!!!

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Sorry for the delay...

Blog Loser!

Ok, I get the worst blogger-ever award.  
Hands down.
I really did have a good excuse...
Its called...
Yea Yea.  Likely story. We all have one right!?
Ok.  I really wanted to come back, but after dealing with a days worth of kid drama...
by nightfall, I'm KA-PUT!
So with the whineyness aside, I can move on to the happenings that is my life.

First Im sorry I haven't been around to visit your blogs..
I will make a point to say hello!

Second, I have noticed that a couple of you have found my other blog that...
ahem,I have yet to update( no judging!!!).
I haven't made it clear on here, but I have a side job as a photographer 
and so alot of times, I have just enough braincells to work on my clients pictures.
Thank you to those who have visited...I appreciate the follow!
Life is good right now. No complaints...well maybe a couple, but Ill leave that to the next post..and there will be another post!!LOL

Be Blessed!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Coming and Going...

Hi ya peeps. 
So sorry I abandoned you for the past 2 weeks.
I have been insanely consumed.
Usually when I feel overwhelmed, I just have to take a step back from everything and recharge.
There has been a lot going on in our family life, that just makes us feel like were on the go...ALL.THE.TIME.
Its not that bad, but somewhere in my "mommy life", I actually turned into a home-body.
I used to whine and cry to my husband when we weren't with friends on a Friday night or having a get together like every other week.
Now, mind you the whining and crying was from me and only me, my husband loves to be home, but come on!
We're young!
Live it up you know!!!
Now, its like...
"Do we have anything going on this weekend?"
Sweatshirt and Jammies kind of night!!
How stinking sad is that!!!???
  That's ok...
I'm ok with my boring life that is sometimes so busy that I catch myself coming and going!
This is what busy looks like to me: either they need me or people need me to help then with it
House choirs
grocery shopping
piano practice
second job
Praise Team
Life Group
But that's OK.
As I have heard people quoted before...
"I am to blessed to be stress"!
I know there are people who would love to be in my shoes.
So I really hope that I can just savor these moments
The posers...finishing up with school....kinda.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

THREE ITEM THURSDAY #2: Toliet Paper, Burlap, and Clothespins

So first let me start off by saying that hot glue is my 
O my goodness.
Forget duct tape...i seriously think my life has been changed by Hot Glue...
Hallelujah! I've seen the light.

So if you haven't caught on, hot glue was a big part of my project for this week.
I constantly went back and forth what I wanted to do...I thought about a wreath, but for some reason I wasn't content with that for the challenge.

So i started looking at things in my house and found my inspiration.
A friend of mine gave me a journal where the cover was covered in burlap.  Its actually a pretty neat looking book with endless possibilities(according to my crazy craft friend!).
So I took the three items and created this...

So its not the most beautiful thing or most original, 
but its something I whipped up 
and im pretty proud of it.

So here are my pieces that I used.

1.Toliet paper:

2. Burlap-
This is the where I actually went Hot Glue Gun crazy, but I didn't get any pics of it ; (
Trust me...Glue sticks all the way!

3. Clothespins

There you have it!!!
My little burlap notebook.

My daughter was so impressed, she begged me for it.  

Overall, a little rough, but as far as the challenge goes...
I'm 2/2, and I'm pretty pleased!
Thanks for visiting!!


Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Miscellany: Just words, no pictures

Linking up once again at Carissa's Monday Miscellany...

1. Butler is playing.  Beat UCONN.
2.  2 things are certain...taxes and me waiting until the last minute to file.
3. Another craft challenge due on Thursday using burlap, toilet paper roll and clothes pin...getting crafty hurts my brain.
4.Death. Sucks. nuff said.
5. My husband, His buddy and his FIL is putting up my long awaited deck on the back of my house.  I am STOKED.
6.  I have really had to learn how to let go of my control just makes me grumpy.  Especially in the case of my PT biz.   In the last few days, I have had 6 inquiries for doing photos for people...something I am slowly learning...Let Go and Let God.
7.  I truly love getting together with our Life Group from our church.  We have the best one out of all the others, but don't tell anyone I said that.
8. I really want to see the movie, Arthur.   It looks Hilarious!!!
9.Just spoke to my sister tonight who lives north of me. Made me miss her and all of our fun times together.
10. Its a good thing that Blogger saves constantly while your writing posts. I don't know how many times my hand hits a button where it scrolls back a page.  Thank you Blogger, you have saved my laptop many times from being thrown or beaten.

Happy Monday!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Three Item Thursday: Paint Chips, Twine and Cereal box

Ok Ya'll!
Check this out!
I am getting down with my crafty-self!

Paint Chip Mini Album

So I just had to share over at  The Tattered Tag and link up at their 
Each week, there are  items you have to use to craft something...anything!
So, with paint chips, twine and cereal  box in hand, away I went! backup 7 days ago and I get this text from my crafty friend, Jocelyn...
She tells me about this challenge and asks me to do this along with her.
Bless her heart!
Here is one of the most crafty and creative person I know, 
and she just keeps working on the very uncreative ME!
From cards to scrapping...
She has hope that my inner crafty child will show her face soon...

So with a mixture of various projects I have seen, I put this little ditty together...

1. I used  Plastic Name Tag holders for the album pages.

2. Paint Chips for the album cover and the flowers

3.Cut cereal box into squares to fit into plastic tags for shape and sturdiness for pictures.

4.Twine to hold the pages together inside the album and create a cute bow on the album.

Thats it.
  Easy Peasy
Nice and Squeezy

Join  us Saturdays at for the weekend wrap 
 up           party!