Thursday, April 7, 2011

THREE ITEM THURSDAY #2: Toliet Paper, Burlap, and Clothespins

So first let me start off by saying that hot glue is my 
O my goodness.
Forget duct tape...i seriously think my life has been changed by Hot Glue...
Hallelujah! I've seen the light.

So if you haven't caught on, hot glue was a big part of my project for this week.
I constantly went back and forth what I wanted to do...I thought about a wreath, but for some reason I wasn't content with that for the challenge.

So i started looking at things in my house and found my inspiration.
A friend of mine gave me a journal where the cover was covered in burlap.  Its actually a pretty neat looking book with endless possibilities(according to my crazy craft friend!).
So I took the three items and created this...

So its not the most beautiful thing or most original, 
but its something I whipped up 
and im pretty proud of it.

So here are my pieces that I used.

1.Toliet paper:

2. Burlap-
This is the where I actually went Hot Glue Gun crazy, but I didn't get any pics of it ; (
Trust me...Glue sticks all the way!

3. Clothespins

There you have it!!!
My little burlap notebook.

My daughter was so impressed, she begged me for it.  

Overall, a little rough, but as far as the challenge goes...
I'm 2/2, and I'm pretty pleased!
Thanks for visiting!!



  1. hiya missy , that is so great , i love the peg flower very creative and the pen holder , nice touch , you are very hard on yourself , you did a great job and yu daughter begged you for it sooo it is cool too ,tfs i am taking part in take 3 thuraday and am your newest follower

  2. You did an awesome job - love that it has a little pen holder! Thanks for the lovely comment:)

  3. great use of the tp roll. I would have never thought to do something flat with it! Adorable little journal!