Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Miscellany: Just words, no pictures

Linking up once again at Carissa's Monday Miscellany...

1. Butler is playing.  Beat UCONN.
2.  2 things are certain...taxes and me waiting until the last minute to file.
3. Another craft challenge due on Thursday using burlap, toilet paper roll and clothes pin...getting crafty hurts my brain.
4.Death. Sucks. nuff said.
5. My husband, His buddy and his FIL is putting up my long awaited deck on the back of my house.  I am STOKED.
6.  I have really had to learn how to let go of my control just makes me grumpy.  Especially in the case of my PT biz.   In the last few days, I have had 6 inquiries for doing photos for people...something I am slowly learning...Let Go and Let God.
7.  I truly love getting together with our Life Group from our church.  We have the best one out of all the others, but don't tell anyone I said that.
8. I really want to see the movie, Arthur.   It looks Hilarious!!!
9.Just spoke to my sister tonight who lives north of me. Made me miss her and all of our fun times together.
10. Its a good thing that Blogger saves constantly while your writing posts. I don't know how many times my hand hits a button where it scrolls back a page.  Thank you Blogger, you have saved my laptop many times from being thrown or beaten.

Happy Monday!

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  1. I'm with ya on 2... we aren't getting anything back so I am procrastinating... April 15th creeps every closer though! And don't get me started on 6, it took years to work on that with me... and I still need to put myself in check at times! God Bless you!