Friday, April 1, 2011

Three Item Thursday: Paint Chips, Twine and Cereal box

Ok Ya'll!
Check this out!
I am getting down with my crafty-self!

Paint Chip Mini Album

So I just had to share over at  The Tattered Tag and link up at their 
Each week, there are  items you have to use to craft something...anything!
So, with paint chips, twine and cereal  box in hand, away I went! backup 7 days ago and I get this text from my crafty friend, Jocelyn...
She tells me about this challenge and asks me to do this along with her.
Bless her heart!
Here is one of the most crafty and creative person I know, 
and she just keeps working on the very uncreative ME!
From cards to scrapping...
She has hope that my inner crafty child will show her face soon...

So with a mixture of various projects I have seen, I put this little ditty together...

1. I used  Plastic Name Tag holders for the album pages.

2. Paint Chips for the album cover and the flowers

3.Cut cereal box into squares to fit into plastic tags for shape and sturdiness for pictures.

4.Twine to hold the pages together inside the album and create a cute bow on the album.

Thats it.
  Easy Peasy
Nice and Squeezy

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  1. That's really good! What are you talking about, you are super crafty! Super cute!

  2. So nifty,neat & thrifty!! Great use of the items, glad you were conned into joining. Thanks so much for linking to Three Item Thursday last week. Hope you will share another great idea today. Happy to be a new follower. :)

    Drop by The Tattered Tag