Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ahhh...Its Summer...
No more Homework, 
No More Books..
NO MORE Teachers dirty looks(aka MOM)... 
June 15th marked my last day of school with the chitlins and I couldn't be happier and relieved.  Dropping that last homework in the mail to their teachers was a momentous event.  As we neared the mailbox, my daughters wanted the pleasure of dropping it in the box themselves, complete with drum roll
(little drummer mom I am!).
As soon as the last letter dropped in the box, A loud shout of excitement came roaring from our mouths...
scaring the lady next to us half out of her wits as she was getting out of her car!
Sorry Lady, but we were busting out of our school monotony.  
I'm looking forward to a serene summer and the victory of checking things off my summer bucketlist...
To accomplish this...
I have a plan.
Yes...a glorious plan.
I sat down with my calendar of the summer and I scheduled in my bucket list categories

Cleaning, organizing, purging.
spend it with friends, at the pool, at the library, at the fountain.
Pull out the sewing maching, do crafts with girls or friends, bake something with the girls.
Library and Java Roaster with the girls. You cant go wrong with BOGO lunch!  We pick up books from their reading list for next year and after lunch, they read while I work on the computer or visit with a friend I've invited to join us.
Fun Day Freebie!

Oh Summer!
Why cant you be longer than 3 months!
Could you be friends with Fall and just keep it warm enough to keep the snow away until December
(the longer the better,  but I want snow for Christmas if I have to be in IN to celebrate it!)

What are YOU doing this SUMMER??
DO Tell!!!

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