Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Miscellany...Madness

So MONDAY is a hard day for us..well because its MONDAY.  I know, preaching to the choir.  It just takes us a little while to get moving.  I need to be one of those moms who takes Sunday afternoon to get the house in order for the rest of the week...but so fair, the only order we have had is our Sunday afternoon naps or shopping dates with my daughter, which I just love!
(she's becoming a shopaholic..but she gets it honestly)

So I present my Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters brought to you 
by the lovely Carissa Graham of Lowercase Letters Blog..Great idea Carissa!


1. Madness started when a cement pole stepped in front of me at Wal-mart as I was looking for a parking place.
Cement pole: 1
Jeep: 0

2. Madness started when I realized that between my husband and I, we have no idea where my keys are.  Not the first time this has happened, but I'm usually the one who misplaces its my husband who has misplaced them.

3.Madness is trying to start good habits and then getting tired of it after a month.
Isn't more fun to just to let it go? ; )

4.Madness is staying focused while trying to Homeschool as its getting nicer. 
Not the kids...ME!
I'm ready for warm weather, swimming, flowers and late night bon-fires with good friends.

5.Madness is gas prices.  Nuff said.

6.Madness is balance...
balance = less stress
Funny how that works.

7.Madness is Julian Michaels.  I started 30 day shred. Love the work out.  Dislike her.
Guess you dont get guns like that being nice though.

8.Madness is knowing my baby girl just turned 8 last Friday. 

9. Madness is having that 8 year old asking what Sexy is. Gulp. Really, already?

10. Madness is all the cute shirts I got at Old Navy..I gotta thing for floral. Cant wait to get some cute dresses and skirts.

11. Madness is Japan and the devastation that is taking place.
Praying that God lifts their heads and that through this, 
that they will be filled with Hope that only God can provide.

12. Madness is the dates...
NY(Sept. 11) Haiti(Jan.11) Japan(March 11).
Luke 21:10-11Then Jesus said to his disciples : "Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be great earthquakes', famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven. 'Jesus says for behold I come quickly...
13.Madness is knowing that through all this...I'm blessed.



  1. I never knew that about the dates.

    Sorry about the jeep....bummer that the cement pole won.

    And gas prices? They make me cringe.

    And Jillian Michaels? She makes me cringe. :) And, sigh, I have that 30day Shred. It's still in the wrapper. I'm a bit nervous, I think!

  2. Great Miscellany! Love the gas sign in particular. Am now following you from the blog hop - would love a follow back! Thanks ^_^

  3. I didn't realize the dates either...scary times we are living in! How is the Shred going? I don't miss my dvd, just so you know:-)