Thursday, March 3, 2011

Familiar Territory

Welcome Friends
In My Shoes
 A little about me, my husband, my girls, our friends..our everyday lives.
Its dedicated to my 2 girls.  I hope that as they get older, they can be entertained and educated by some of the experiences we went  through as individuals and a family, to give insight for their future relationships.

I lost my mom at a young age...
From that and other influences, comes my purpose of this blog.
Some will be letters to my girls.
Some advice.
Some experiences.
Some warnings.
Some that will leave you laughing.
Some that will leave you crying.
Even some that will leave you pondering.
But without a doubt, 
A lot of love.

So C and C, here it is.
A little piece of me.
Of your dad.
Of your family.
For you.
With Love.


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