Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Miscellany Randomosity

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oh the randomness of this've been warned!
Happy Monday! 

1.Bad Habits are hard to break...going to bed by a decent hour is near impossible. 
My hubs works third shift, which means, I can't sleep.
Really stinks come morning. for picture..thanks!
2. I watched Julie& Julia for the umpteenth time. I love that movie. If you're a foodie, you will like it...probably relate to it. There are so many key points I would love to shout out, but dont want to spoil to those who haven't see it yet.  Meryl Streep is great as Julia Childs and I love Amy Adams!  I will say...I dont get the ending..if you do, please explain it to me!

3. Because of this movie...I want to travel across the big pond one of these days and see places like Greece, Italy, and France...all the romantic places...Eat cheese and bread and drink wine...what a life!
All part of my bucket list.        

4. Raising girls can be so much fun and on the flip side can be one drama after another.

 What was on my daughter's camera...such a character!

My oldest has so many great characteristics, but struggles with confidence.  You wouldn't know it, judging the above photos because her personality is very open and warm and well pretty silly...its a good way to shield what's really going on inside. Her love language is affirmation and even though, her dad and I are her biggest fans, I think as parents, we get into our own little world and forget that our girls need the "pat on the back" or the "I'm proud of you" talk. SOOO..Don't forget to tell your kids how proud you are of them and that you love em!  It builds up their confidence banks!

5.My youngest...well, she's a trip.

 She opens her mouth and there's no telling what will come.  The last comment she made was about my puff jacket(im sure there are more comments, but this is the most rememberable).  I don't like puff jackets, but for $6, it may not be a bad buy just to wear around outside or sledding.  So I got a white one since it was the only one left in my size.  One day, I went to get it out of the closet to go outside and my daughter gave me the "raised eyebrows".  That's never good.  So here's the conversation:
ME: what?
C: Um mom...No defense(she meant offense), but I dont like that jacket.
ME: OK why?
C: Well, you kinda look like that tire guy's girlfriend.  (aka...Michelin Man)
Thank you

 Yes, I still have the jacket and no, I will not wear will find itself at the closest Goodwill.

5.I haven't done my taxes yet.  Nothing like waiting till the last minute!

6. Spring Break and Homeschooling...I'm not sure if that's possible.  

7.Karaoke is only fun when your drunk.
(I don't drink, and since this is a Church Ladies retreat where this will be happening, 
I doubt any of them will be drunk...though that would be hilarious)

8.Had the sweetest comment given to me:
In a recent conversation or venting,
I told my friend that I'm probably a bad influence on her...
and she said yes but she liked that!
Anyone else had that told to them by their BF and it was a positive thing? 
 I'm So touched!

9.I'm not sure what I did before computers.
  I must have had a lot more accomplished in my day than I do now.

10.  Really wishing that Organization was something I was good at.
Instead, I'm a pro at being scatter-brained. 
It really is a skill.

Have a blessed Monday!!!!



  1. Your girls are adorable! So hilarious and she told you that you look like the Michelin man! And I love the self portraits of your older daughter :)

    Good point about having to tell them that we love them and are proud of them.. my parents rarely told me that as I got older.

    New follower, please stop on by..

    Also doing a giveaway if you're interested in entering!

  2. LOL! I am pretty sure we are bad influences on each other!!! But hey that is why we get along so well:-) And it still cracks me up every time I think of your white puffer jacket!!!! She is stinkin hilarious!!!!